Senedd Reform

There has been a lot of coverage in the media about the proposed expansion of the Welsh Parliament from 60 members to 96. There are also plans to get rid of constituencies and create ‘super regions’, which will then elect their representatives along political party lines. I’m really concerned about these proposals, which are estimated to cost in excess of £100,000,000, and I believe that this money should be spent on providing better public services, improving our schools and supporting our fantastic NHS. However, I know that this debate has caused passionate opinions on both sides of the argument, and I am keen to hear your views on the matter. 


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Senedd Reform

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Do you agree with the Welsh Government plans to increase the number of members in the Welsh Parliament from 60 to 96?
How satisfied are you with the performance of the Welsh Government overall?
How satisfied are you with the performance of your elected representatives in the Welsh Parliament?
Do you think the Welsh Parliament should have more or less powers?
Which of these three NATIONAL issues are most important to you and your family?
Which of these three LOCAL issues are most important to you and your family?