Supporting the deaf community

The issues facing the deaf community is close to Joel's heart and he works hard to raise awareness of the hidden issues deaf people face.

Speaking in the Senedd chamber, Joel has already highlighted the need for the Welsh Government to support the British Sign Language Act and provide the deaf community with better support from the NHS. 

Joel is also campaigning to ensure that the deaf community enjoy the same equality of opportunity as everyone. The Association for Deaf People found that those with hearing loss face a tougher working environment, and the majority felt that they had not been given equal opportunities, that they did not feel supported, that they felt excluded from conversations with colleagues, that they were lonely at work, that they had been left out of social events, and that they had experienced bullying or acts of unkindness at work because of their condition. These issues of exclusion and a lack of support play out detrimentally in the long term.