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After a number of complaints, Joel was shocked to see the condition of St. Monica's Church-In-Wales Primary School, Cardiff. Since the scaffolding was first erected in 2018, residents have been fighting the damp and black mold which  has impacted student's learning experiences, with crumbling walls and water damage near electrical points. 

Large areas of the school playground have been lost to the scaffolding and natural light has been reduced in classrooms, negatively affecting students. Joel strongly believes that this will have a huge impact on the mental and physical wellbeing of students and teachers. At a time when students are relying on in person teaching to support them post-pandemic it is saddening to see a school in such a dire state. 

After visiting the school and seeing some of the damage for himself, Joel was disgusted by the appalling condition. Since his visit, Joel has contacted Cardiff Council raising his concerns that nothing has been done to ensure the safety of students, and raise his fears that other schools in Cardiff are in a similar state of disrepair. 

Joel is campaigning for Cardiff Council to urgently ensure that students at St. Monica's Church-In-Wales Primary School are safe and able to thrive in a suitable learning environment. No school in Wales should be in dire conditions and the Welsh Government must improve school standards. 

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After visiting St. Monica's Church in Wales School and seeing some of the damage myself, I was disgusted by the appalling condition.


Shocking condition of Cardiff school

Joel was shocked after receiving a complaint from a resident regarding St. Monica’s Church-In-Wales Primary School, Cardiff and was appalled to see the condition of the school.  Damp and black mold accompanied crumbling walls and substantial evidence of water near electrical points.