Reverse 20mph Speed Limits

Welsh Government legislation reducing 30mph speed limits to 20mph has become the single most divisive issue in Wales since devolution in 1999. We all agree that pedestrian safety is paramount and 20mph should be imposed outside schools and areas with high pedestrian footfall; however, a default 20mph speed limit isn’t the answer.

With the Senedd petition to revoke the default rollout of 20mph reaching nearly 500,000 signatories, it’s frustrating that the Welsh Government cannot see sense and are ignoring public opinion. It is also frustrating that the Welsh Labour Government are yet again not empowering communities to make decisions that are right for their community.

As I see it, the Welsh Government have an anti-driver mentality. 20mph default speed limits need to be reversed and the Welsh Government should refocus on improving road conditions to ensure an adequate road network for the future.  

With this in mind, I would be grateful if you could complete my survey below, to share your thoughts on 20mph speed limits and whether any roads should be reversed back to 30mph.

20mph Speed Limit Survey:

1. Do you support the Welsh Government’s introduction of 20mph speed limits across Wales?
2. Do you agree with Joel that 20mph speed limits should only be imposed outside schools, playgrounds and areas with high pedestrian footfall?
3. With the Welsh Government’s prediction that the reduction in the speed limit will cost the Welsh economy as much as £8.9 billion over 30 years, do you think this is the best use of money?