Joel is a firm believer in the NHS and its guiding principle of providing every resident with universal free health care. Unfortunately, standards in the Welsh National Health Service, under Welsh Labour, are far behind those in England. One area that Joel is passionate to improve is the availability of life saving cancer treatments to local residents. Campaigning with his Conservative colleagues in the Assembly, Joel is committed to introducing a Cancer Patients’ Fund to provide residents with access the best cancer treatments.

Commenting on Conservative plans for the Welsh NHS, Joel said “it is vital that we support our health service. It has exceptional staff working at all levels, but lacks the political leadership required to ensure patients get the service and treatment they need. Under Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party the NHS service in Wales has not met crucial targets. With the Conservatives you will see funding rise and money being spent on frontline services rather than backroom bureaucracy.”

The state of the Welsh NHS shows Labour are not up to the job. Labour has starved the NHS of one billion pounds of funding in recent years - with patients and frontline staff paying the price. Local services have closed, and 1 in 7 in Wales is on a waiting list. Welsh Conservatives will increase the NHS budget every year, set up a £100million Cancer Patients' Fund and act to reduce waiting times for treatment.