Like most residents Joel is keen to see shoppers return to the high-street and support local businesses. As a local Councillor, Joel knows this can be achieved by cutting business rates for small shops and bringing back free town centre parking - not to mention improving local bus services.

We are in favour of implementing ways to increase local flexibility with business rates. Wales’ economy is built on different business structures to that in England, so it is important to explore disparities in NDR collection rates; and find a system which works for Wales. Welsh Conservatives support empowering Local Authorities and communities to lead their own regeneration projects where needed; increasing support for business, facilitating growth and creating jobs.

“Our small and independent shops are the backbone of our communities and local economy. It is vital that we support our high-streets and the fantastic shops that are popping up across Pontypridd. In order to attract visitors and residents to our high-streets we need our politicians to provide free town centre car parking, a reduction in business rates and better public transport. Under Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party this has not happened and our high-streets have been neglected. We need real change in Wales to ensure we see real change in our high-streets to bring back the vibrancy and diversity we once saw,” commented Joel.