As a School Governor, Joel knows from first-hand experience what a good education can provide. However, national statistics show that children in Wales are falling behind their UK counterparts. This needs to be addressed urgently with money being given directly to schools and not to local councils.

An overhaul of Welsh education is long overdue – but significant questions remain over its implementation. Welsh Conservatives welcomed the Donaldson Review and we continue to push Labour’s Minister for swift and efficient change. Labour must take the teaching profession with it when implementing reforms. Given the amount of hours lost to stress-related illness, it’s absolutely crucial that the appropriate training, and the continual professional development of staff remains top of the agenda. Labour has held the reigns over Welsh education for nearly 17 years – and standards have fallen dramatically, in comparison with other UK nations. There are too many young people beginning secondary school unable to read and write properly – and too few who are sufficiently literate and numerate when they leave full-time education. Sadly, this is all under Labour’s watch.

Welsh Conservatives want to make more money available to schools by ensuring more funding goes directly to the frontline. This could mean hundreds of thousands more pounds for schools each year, allowing them to continually improve standards (StatsWales figures, 2015). Unlike Labour, we believe hard-working teachers, governors and parents know what is best for our pupils – not bureaucrats.

Discussing education in Pontypridd Joel said “education is the building block that everyone needs to get the best start in life. Education provides the skills and knowledge required to secure a job, go to university and make a difference. In Pontypridd education has been neglected by Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party and this needs to change. It is not fair that the children of today are being penalised with the standard of education they receive because of Corbyn’s politicians here in Wales. We need real change in Wales so we can begin to rebuild our education system.”